Recall and Lead Walking Course

This course is to look in detail at Recall and Loose Lead Walking Skills.
It is designed to teach dog owners how to train their dogs to be reliable and under control when off lead in public; to come back to their owner when called, no matter what distractions there are in the environment. It is to teach dog owners how to train their dogs to walk on a loose lead without pulling them, again, around distractions.

This will mean that walks together are relaxing, fun, safe and enjoyable for both the dog and owner;  as well as ensuring that the dog is getting good, free running exercise which is great for their fitness.


This is a 5 week course.  Each session is for half an hour. We run the training sessions at Thompson House Equestrian Centre, Pepper Lane, Standish, WN6 0PP.
The latest course is running on a Tuesday at 6.15pm. The course costs £86

Your dog will need a harness (we recommend the Perfect Fit Harness), a normal lead and a 5 meter training line.
Humans will need to bring lots of tiny, high value treats (cheese / hot dog / chicken / ham) a clicker, a tuggy toy and a ball on a rope. Since we are training in a riding school, please dress for the weather and make sure you have good walking boots or wellies to wear.

There are up to 5 dogs in each session. You can join us at any ability level and your dog can be of any age. We encourage you to do lots of practise in-between each session to get the most from this course. Recall and lead walking should be trained on every walk and the long line should be used consistently until your dog’s recall  is reliable if the training is to be effective.
**Please note that there are 5 weekly sessions on this course and once you start the course, the remainder is non-transferable nor refundable.**

This course is not for dogs who bark / lunge at people or other dogs.