Rapid Recall Classes

Please note that this service is not available during lockdown.  Online sessions for recall training can be booked and can give you great foundations for your recall.
Email jo@standishdogtrainer.co.uk

Our recall classes are designed to teach dog owners how to train their dogs to be reliable and under control when off lead in public; to come back to their owner when called, no matter what distractions there are in the environment.

This will mean that walks are relaxing, fun, safe and enjoyable for both the dog and owner;  as well as ensuring that the dog is getting good, free running exercise which is great for their fitness. A well exercised dog is a pleasure to live with!


These sessions run monthly in a secure field at Thompson House Equestrian Centre, Pepper Lane, Standish, WN6 0PP. Each lesson runs for 45 minutes. Your first session with us will cost £30, subsequent recall sessions that you attend will cost £20.

Your dog will need a harness (we recommend the Perfect Fit Harness) and a training line (5M for Cocker Spaniel size dogs and smaller, 10M for any dogs larger than a Cocker Spaniel).  Humans will need to bring lots of tiny, high value treats (cheese / hot dog / chicken / ham) a clicker, a tuggy toy and a ball on a rope. Since we are training outdoors, please dress for the weather and make sure you have good walking boots or wellies to wear.

There are up to 5 dogs in each session and our field is completely secure. You can join us at any level of recall and we encourage you to come each month until your dog is reliable and you are confident to go totally lead free!