Wag Fit

Wag Fit is a class that is all about canine fitness. It is about strength, mobility, suppleness, stamina, proprioception and form.

Wag Fit for dogs helps to improve your dogs posture and balance. It enhances mobility and aids the function of their joints; above all it reduces the risk of injury while your dog goes about the job of being a fit and active dog.

Wag Fit also provides great mental enrichment and fun training together!

Wag Fit classes run online using Zoom, so you take part from the comfort of your own home, with Twist and I leading you through your lesson and coaching you through the exercises as we go. We will learn a series of exercises together, and will start to build exercise routines for you and your dog to do together between classes, becoming more advanced as your dog’s fitness increases.

You will need some equipment, nothing fancy and I have home made a lot of mine here is what I recommend:
1 or 2 x platforms, that are rectangular, long enough for your dog to sit / stand / lay down on. Between 5cm and 10cm high. Stable, not wobbly / inflatable.
(see photo of Twist above It is a fitness step with non-slip tape added)
1 or 2 x narrow targets, long enough to fit your dogs front or rear paws on, wide enough just for a paws to fit. Between 5cm and 10cm in height.Stable, not wobbly / inflatable. ( see photo of Twist below)
Small mat or carpet tile that is just big enough for your dog to sit on.
A circular target, that is big enough to put front paws on, 5-10cm in height, stable, non-wobbly, nor inflatable.
Cavaletti is optional.

To book your place in class:

This class will be LIVE and ONLINE. It will be recorded so that you can remember what we did each lesson and be able to practise at home. We will also have a WhatsApp group for sharing videos and homework.

Please note that this is for dogs who are fit and physically healthy. If you have a dog who has existing injuries or is post-operative you need to speak to a vet and refer to a relevent specialist to help.

Please note that online classes are non-transferable and non-refundable
Jo has completed the Fenzi Sports Dog Academy Canine Fitness Instructor course (Levels 1 – 4), Cavaletti workshop with Iain Macfarlane of Super Fly and FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Coure with Jana Gams DVM, CCRP, from Dogs4Motion, and is now an affiliate of Dogs4Motion.
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