Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are now available to book.
The classes are taking place either outside, on private land or in our large indoor training arena (weather dependent). We have a Covid-19 protocol in place for the safety of all of our clients, staff , friends and family.
Please be polite and respectful of our terms for returning to class. These details will be shared with you as your class is booked. 

At Standish Dog Trainer we offer classes that will safely socialise your puppy and train obedience & companion dog skills that are relevant to the world that we are asking our dogs to live in. We have a structured timetable that starts by teaching foundation skills and then allows progression, adding more advanced training as your dog learns and becomes more confident. You can read more about the classes below.

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 All of our classes now support the use of clickers; research has proved that training new behaviours is in some cases over a third quicker using a clicker, facilitating better learning, reducing frustration and reducing training time needed.  To see some clicker training and behaviours trained by Jo using a clicker with her own dogs, have a look at our You Tube site.

Twinkle Stars is our foundation class. This will suit puppies from 12 weeks old and also older dogs that have not done any basic training. In this class we teach dogs how to settle and focus on their owners. We teach responsible dog ownership, we encourage socialisation to each other, new people and novel experiences. We teach good food manners, loose lead walking, basic recall and basic positions like sit and down. We also encourage controlled play and grooming and handling skills.

Super Stars is the class that follows Twinkle Stars. In this class we teach new skills that are a little more advanced and we improve on the basic skills. We work  towards Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

This class is only available to dogs that have completed our Twinkle Stars foundation course. We want to help you through adolescence, since many dogs lose focus and concentration during this time. We want to support you and your dog all the way to adulthood. We take training outside into real life situations to help proof the work that we have started inside.

Venue: Thompson House Equestrian Centre.

Duration: All courses are 5 weeks in length, cost £68.50 and consist of 5 x 60-minute sessions.