Training Classes

At Standish Dog Trainer we offer classes that will safely socialise your puppy and train obedience & companion dog skills that are relevant to the world that we are asking our dogs to live in. We have a structured timetable that starts by teaching foundation skills and then allows progression, adding more advanced training as your dog learns and becomes more confident.

Please note that training classes are not suitable for dogs that bark at other dogs, these dogs need to be supported using 1-2-1 training.
All puppies and dogs must be fully vaccinated in order to attend our training courses.

Twinkle Stars is our Puppy class. This will suit puppies from 12 weeks old, up to being 20 weeks old when starting.
This class is not suitable for dogs older than 20 weeks old at the start date.
In this class we teach dogs how to settle and focus on their owners. We teach recall foundations, how to socialise your pup safely. We teach good food manners, how to wait, loose lead walking, basic positions like sit and down,  We also encourage controlled play and grooming and handling skills.

Please click on this button to book a class for a pup who is under 20 weeks:


Mega Stars is the class for teenage dogs and adult dogs who have not done classes with us before.  This will suit puppies from 20 weeks old, up to adult dogs. We believe in keeping our classes age specific so that tiny pups are not mixing with giddy teenage dogs, so we split into age groups, like nursery and reception classes at school!
We have a core skill set of exercises, all designed to help with impulse control, manners, ease of understanding each other, to help you be in control of your dog while having a fun, relaxed time together.  We look at walking on a loose lead together, polite meet and greet behaviour, recall skills, dogs concentrating on their handlers, basic positions and activtites like waiting and leaving.
Each week we will add onto the skills, to ask more of your dog, to increase their ability.

Please click on this button to book a class for a pup who is over 20 weeks:


Venues: Thompson House Equestrian Centre on weekdays.  Standish Methodist Church on Saturdays.

The classes take place either inside our church hall, or in our large indoor equestrian training arena. We have a Covid-19 protocol in place for the safety of all of our clients, staff , friends and family.
Please be polite and respectful of our terms for returning to class. These details will be shared with you as your class is booked. 

Duration: In-Person courses are 5 weeks in length, cost £80 and consist of 5 x 45 minute sessions.