Here are a few comments that dog owners have made about Jo and her team at  Standish Dog Trainer…

Beth & Marco, May 2023
I was in such a rut with my rescue dog. He wouldn’t walk unless in the direction he wanted to go in and had horrendous lead aggression. Jo is the dog whisperer, and he has made such huge progress. So thankful for Jo. So kind, non judgemental and friendly. A real find.
Samantha, Mike & Lola, Jan 2023
Hi Jo,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you! My husband and I attended your loose lead and recall workshop back in May/ June with our pug Lola. Since then we’ve been working hard to put everything you taught us in to practice and the results have been amazing.
We’re are now confident in letting her off the  lead and have been able to get a strong, consistent recall no matter the distraction. Lola is doing “check ins” with us and is able to do “touch” and “switch” too!
We holiday around the UK and it was great being able to spend time on the beach with her off lead. She knew the boundary and would “check in” with us. She was able to greet other dogs calmly and would check for approval before engaging in play. We are very proud, especially when another dog went and helped himself to a families picnic!
We went on our first Grumble at the weekend with about 15 other pugs. Lola was amazing, greeting the other dogs (and humans) calmly, checking in regularly and having lots of fun. It was great to see her interacting with other dogs in a confident and controlled way.
Once again thank you, can’t recommend you enough! As is often the case, one dog is never enough and you will likely see us at one of your puppy workshops later this year.Thank you, 

Samantha and Mike Roscoe

Phil & Jake, Dec 2022

Hi Jo,
It was great to see you last week for a further “one to one session” of dog training with Jake, our 14-month-old, Border Collie and thought it would be appropriate to drop you a note of thanks for the terrific support, advice and training that you have provided in your excellent training classes and the “one to one sessions” that we have had.
I’m happy for other dog owners to see this note as I genuinely wish others to have the benefit of training that you provide, so even though you know our background and experience with dogs, others who may read this note, certainly won’t, so here is some background information:
Jake is the first Border Collie puppy that we have had, he comes from farming stock in Welshpool and he became a member of our family in late December 2021 when he was 12 weeks old.
We have previously owned 2 x rescue Border Collies, Maisie an approximate 5-year-old collie and Alfie a 12-month-old collie, both were long haired black & white collies, Maisie was with us 8 years and following her passing, we had Alfie for 15 years. Both came from the Border Collie Rescue Centre in Rugeley, their backgrounds were unknown but they both proved to be delightful pets and you were instrumental in the training of Alfie at both puppy classes and laterally at agility classes.
Maisie was a mature dog and didn’t require any training, but despite Alfie being house trained and having some basic skills, he benefited from the puppy classes that you provided, who he attended with Pat, my wife and the agility classes that I subsequently attended a year or so later.
However, despite looking after Border Collies for a combined total of 23 years, we were a little naive about the effort involved in developing a puppy from the 12-week-old, bundle of fur, joy, and cuteness that unconditionally loved us to bits to having the delightful and well-trained dog that Jake now is – which in no small part is down to you.
We initially sought your help to cover the basics of house training and sleeping through the night (Jake had separation anxiety having been used to living on a farm with 7 x siblings and his parents) and the telephone consultation we had was most useful in addressing those issues.
Several weeks later we attended the first of two-puppy training classes which provided a great foundation for Jake in terms of basic obedience skills, socialisation & greeting behaviours, recall, loose lead walking and a number of other beneficial and arguably essential skills.
Jake is now 14 months old, has perfect recall when off the lead, is an obedient, charming dog that other dog owners (and their dogs) all seem to love. He jumps in and out of the boot of our SUV, whenever we drive out for a different walking venue or a pub lunch – when for a number of months, the car was a place he definitely didn’t want to be in and again this was sorted via advice from yourself.
Look forward to seeing you again soon and booking Jake for in for some advanced training classes.
Thanks again for all your help. Phil

Will & Teddy, Feb 2022
Hi Amy, Teddy is doing brilliantly on his walks.
The lesson from you was worth evey minute.  Walking is now more a pleasure than worrying if he’ll run off.
Thank you very much Will and Teddy.
Phil & Pat with Jake, Jan 2022
Hi Jo,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we really appreciate the advice you gave us a couple of weeks ago on the Zoom call and that we are thoroughly enjoying the puppy classes.
I think the venue is excellent and the structure of the puppy training course and guidance from you and Amy is outstanding, we are already seeing great improvements in both our understanding of coping with a puppy and without doubt Jake is coming on “leaps and bounds” (please pardon the pun).
Look forward to seeing you next week.
Phil & Pat xx

Helen with Angus, Nov 2021
“6 weeks ago our lives changed forever when we carried our 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy (Angus) into the house. Being our first dog I made a point of reading several books on puppy behaviour and training, and they were a great starting point but didn’t prepare me (or the two cats!) for the reality of ‘boisterous puppy’. Thanks to a consultation we had with Jo a few weeks before Angus’ arrival we had plans in place to help avoid complete chaos.

Angus is going to be a big dog so I felt it was really important to start with a solid grounding to build on as he grows and matures (into a wolf 😀). Jo was recommended to me by a friend so I booked a private puppy package and enrolled Angus at Puppy School. Just the best decision!

Angus loved Jo from the moment they met. Jo oozes compassion and calmness which transmits to Angus and manages to settle him even when he’s at his most excited! I have learnt so much just watching how Jo handles dogs – it is a joy to behold (and best of all – Jo convinces you that ‘we can do it too’).

All the training is based on positive reinforcement which Angus and I love, and throughout all our sessions there is a real emphasis on Angus and I working together once a behaviour has been explained and demonstrated with Angus. I find that knowing ‘why’ we are doing something and what the outcome is/will be makes learning a new training technique more intuitive – Jo is expert at doing this.

Most importantly however is the fact that Angus and I love the training sessions – which in turn means we progress quicker. We have fun, we learn and always come away with a sense of achievement. Training and handling Angus using the skills we have learnt is paying dividends already and I know this is down to Jo’s expertise as a first class dog trainer who so obviously loves her job 😀 We will most definitely be keeping up our training with Jo and cannot recommend the private sessions highly enough. Thank you Jo x”


Louise and Chris with Chester, Sept 2021

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and advice at the mega stars training sessions. We all absolutely loved them and learned so much. Chester loved every second of every class and he had the best time learning new skills in a fun, sociable and relaxed environment.
Both Chris and I have learned so much and now with the techniques you taught us, we can put them into practice and continue to learn with Chester.”

Louise and Jim, Aug 2021

“Hi, myself and my puppy Jim would just like to say how much we enjoyed the last 5 weeks. Such a relaxed atmosphere and easy to understand training techniques. Thank you.
Hopefully we will be able to carry on if there’s space for Jim on Fridays

                 Louise and Jim x”

Elaine, Matt and Ribble, Dec 2020 (online)

“Jo’s online puppy class has been fantastic. Jo’s calm, friendly and down to earth natural style puts both the owners and puppies at ease and makes training extremely fun. The training exercises are practical and relate to a dog being a family pet both in the home and out in the real world. Jo manages to blend her extensive professional knowledge with real life scenarios and humour. The online set up is so simple and the small class size enables Jo to pay each puppy a great deal of attention during the training exercises to provide praise, encouragement and experienced feedback. We hope to continue working with Jo in the future. We would highly recommend”

Rebecca, Kev & Winnie, Nov 2020 (online)

“We’ve just completed our first online puppy training course with Jo and our Cocker Spaniel puppy Winnie has come on leaps and bounds since beginning the training. We’ve found the classes being online really helpful, being a Cocker Spaniel, Winnie is full of energy and loves to play with other dogs, she didn’t have this distraction at home so was able to focus more. The online sessions almost feel like a 1-2-1 session as we watch Jo demonstrate the skill and then practice, Jo feeds back on how we are doing and offers some tips to help if necessary, because you’re concentrating on your own training, you just don’t realise other people are online too! I highly recommend Jo and her online training sessions, we can’t wait to join more sessions with Jo soon.”

Jane & Pepe, Nov 2020

We started online training courses with Jo for our 3 year old rescue dog (Pepe) from Spain. It was initially a hybrid course of 3 online and 2 in person lessons however lockdown has meant that this became only 1 in person lesson.
We found the course absolutely brilliant and actually the fact that it was in our own house online made it much less stressful than the in person lesson! Being in our home meant Pepe was much calmer and less distracted during the lessons and we have learnt so much, from the basic sit/settle/send to mat training to recall training it has been such a big help. Jo is a great teacher and always available to answer any questions about anything dog related! Also really great was the Whats App group that was set up for our lesson so we can share videos and tips with each other.
We cannot recommend Jo highly enough and have found the online lessons to be invaluable during lockdown.

Martin, Hannah & Louie, July 2020

Having got our puppy during lockdown we were worried about approaching a trainer, however, Jo was really positive and her approach was really supportive and non-judgemental.

We struggled to leave our puppy in his crate when he wasn’t asleep and were keen to resolve before it became an issue as he got older. Jo gave us some really simple and effective techniques and provided reassurance to us when we needed it.
The techniques Jo shared with us have really helped and we are now able to leave our puppy without it causing him any stress or worry.

We are so grateful for all the support and advice from Jo and the results have been amazing. Thank you!

Martin, Hannah & Louie

Barbara & Saffi May 2020 

Just another update as my heart is bursting with love for this beautiful girl, she’s a delight in every way. I took her out Wednesday and she didn’t pull me once, not even to sniff. The only time she got excited was at the sight of a dog as we were almost home on the track as we were walking past the grass.  I took her down Lurdin Lane which was a first for her and she was amazing even when a 4wd passed us so close she handled it well. Still work to be done but thanks for all your advice and help, so glad we booked puppy classes. Will keep you posted. Stay safe during this crazy time xx

Stephen & Roszi Nov 2019 

I have recently completed the Twinkle Stars class with my Hungarian Vizsla, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our lessons.
Jo and her helpers are friendly, helpful and provide plenty of information to help you and your dog progress to being able to enjoy a happy life.
Jo’s classes are themed each week with topics such as In The Park, In The Home and At The Vets. This allows the class to learn without being bombarded with too much information.
My dog and I have attended classes with 2 other instructors previously but I believe that the classes we’ve been through with Standish Dog Trainer have been the most beneficial and fun.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo and her team to other dog owners. Such was our enjoyment of the Twinkle Stars class we’ve already booked to attend advanced classes with Jo.

Colette and Jamie Sept 2019

I have just completed the Puppy Foundation course (Twinkle Stars) with my Border Collie puppy, Jamie. I have completed many puppy courses over the years and this has been the best … so well planned and thought out and so well run. The training methods used are excellent and I learned a lot. Starting soon on the next Standish Dog Trainer class with Jamie .. working towards Bronze Good Citizen.

I have also attended Jo’s Rally classes with my other Border Collie, Finley and am now doing Hoopers classes with him. Classes always cater for the individual needs of the dogs involved and again .. these classes are well planned, well run and … lots of fun.

I can highly recommend Jo and Standish Dog Trainer … excellent.

Helen & Charlie Aug 2019

We have Charlie, a very nervous and anxious rescue dog. Amongst many things, Charlie is frightened of young children and sudden noises, so when I became pregnant I contacted Jo quite early on. I’m very glad I did! Jo gave us a training plan personalised to Charlie and our home to prepare him as much as possible for the baby, and it worked. Charlie has adapted amazingly well to our baby and all the changes she has brought. We are all very grateful.
Helen and Dan

Mark & Jeff  May 2019

Jo has helped us to transform the behaviour of our dog when he’s on a lead. While he is still a very lively Springer Spaniel, he is now so much manageable. Thank you Jo.

Karen & Roarke April 2019

I chose Standish Dog Trainer when I got my new puppy Roarke 4 years ago after reading the website information and deciding it sounded just right.
I had never been to training before and can totally recommend Jo and her team, they are friendly and patient and have extensive knowledge and expertise in their field, but what really shows is their love of dogs and how to train them in a rewarding and enjoyable way. I enjoyed all the lessons and so did Roarke and we made some great friends, so if you’re thinking of lessons for your dog I can honestly look no further than Standish Dog Trainer.

Holly, Sarah & Walter 2019
“Hey Jo, Firstly let me say a massive thank you to you, Amy & Molly for all your time and effort you put in with Walter, Sarah and I.
We wanted to give some feedback from our experience over the last 5 weeks. We found everything you guys taught us invaluable, and we have seen a huge difference in Walters behaviour, it’s crazy how much more controlled he is in just 5 weeks.
We 100% agree that no dogs in week 1 is the way to go. It made us much more relaxed and able to take in critical information in that first week, without a bouncy working cocker at our feet demanding our attention.
Particular thanks for the effort you guys put in this week. Amy quickly spotted something wasn’t quite right with Walter after his stressful morning at the groomers. She spent a lot of time building his confidence back up and showed us how to go about this too. We were a bit upset that he was so distant with us, but Amy got him back to his normal self and we are very grateful to her for that! It could of quite easily gone the other way and all our hard work could have been undone.
Thank you for all the extra advice you have given us along the way!
Thanks again,
Holly, Sarah & Walter”

Joanne & Fleur 2019
“I can’t recommend Jo, her team and her classes enough. As a first time dog owner with an energetic dog that is far too clever for her own good, Jo and her agility classes have been amazing both in building the bond between me and Fleur and giving her something that is mentally and physically testing as well as being so much fun. I was so nervous the first day I went, yet everyone was so friendly and welcoming.
We look forward to our class every single week. I can honestly say there is nothing my dog can do that Jo and her team cant’ figure out. We absolutely love our classes and tell everyone to check the Standish Dog Trainer out. You won’t be disappointed.”

Coleta & Holly 2018
“Our nine month old golden retriever Holly was pulling hard on the lead and we decided to join Jo’s Loose Lead training workshop before Holly grew any bigger. Also we still hadn’t had the courage to let her off the lead so booked ourselves onto Jo’s Rapid Recall training workshop.
It was a very enjoyable experience in very pleasant surroundings. The class was small and we were able to follow Jo’s instructions which were very clear and we already began to see considerable progress with Holly. Jo’s conversation before the training and the written notes she provided were really helpful.
We were amazed at Jo’s knowledge. Everything that she spoke to us about just made absolute sense and gave us the courage to persevere with our training. Jo is a lovely lady with a great personality and we really felt that she cared about dogs and the service she could provide.
We can whole heartedly recommend attendance at any training provided by Jo and we are looking forward to many more enjoyable lessons at the Standish Dog Trainer.

Thank you Jo!
Coleta Houghton”

Janet & Amber 2018
Becoming the owner of a very excitable cocker spaniel puppy was a daunting experience, I had forgotten how hard work a puppy can be! Attending Jo’s puppy classes and a further recall session was exactly what I needed. Jo’s positive training methods and encouragement in her sessions gave me the confidence to enjoy my puppy more! Jo and her team are so supportive and her knowledge and advice is immeasurable. Thank you for your patience and useful tips and training methods.
Janet and Amber

Jane & Chip 2017
Hi Jo,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your recall classes, they are such a good idea, well thought out and having that large secure space is great.
Chips recall has improved soooo much just after being at 2 classes.
I really like the way you deliver your classes, you really know your stuff!  And the fact that you are available and willing to give out extra info/advice is really appreciated.

I will be in touch asap regarding booking a 121 session with you to help Chip to stop gobbling everything he sees 😀 I know for a fact you will be able to sort it!
Thanks again
Jane Bennett

Angela & Max 2017

“Jo and her staff have worked with me and my goldie Max for over 2 yrs now trying to encourage him to get into the car following bad bouts of travel sickness and diarrhoea, discovered on our first trip to one of Jo’s puppy classes. This meant we then had to abandon the class as Max was too ill to continue. In consultation with Jo I had some one-to-one sessions at home to coax him back into the car, but to no avail. We realised this was not going to be a quick fix! It required me to practise with him almost daily on my own. Jo was a marvellous support to me throughout this process. I have frequently asked for her advice and she has always contacted me promptly and given thoughtful responses and provided me with some much needed encouragement. Finally over 2yrs on Max is now travelling in the car!! Thanks for everything Jo. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Alex & Wilf 2017

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for having such a good time and such good success at your puppy classes with Wilf. We couldn’t believe how well Wilf did. He was the first in the class to pick up everything and always with a wagging tail. He did absolutely brilliantly! He was brilliant at the little agility course and did everything straight away. We have discovered over these last few months that we have a very clever puppy!

“I would love to get him into the next class up as soon as possible, please could you let me know as soon as you have a place. Because he did so well we want to keep going with him while he is so eager to learn so can’t come back soon enough for us!!”

Helen & Monty (Jul 2016):

“Just wanted to say a really big thank you  for the advice and time you gave us last week with Monty.

“We’re all trying really hard with the ‘settle’ training now and are seeing big improvements in his mouthing behaviour.  The boys are happily playing with him and remembering to calm down a little with him rather than just abruptly stopping playing.

“We really appreciate your help and would definitely  recommend you to friends and would also not hesitate to contact you again in the future.”

Jane and Norman 

“I’ve really enjoyed the Twinkle Stars course and by the way Norman starts howling when we pull into the car park, I think he has too! You have a great team and we’re both looking forward to continuing our training.

“Thanks again.”

Chloe and Scout 

Thank you so much. Chloe and I really appreciated your supportive approach – we both feel really positive about sorting out those issues with Scout. Hopefully we’ll be in touch about getting her into some classes soon!

Jayne and Indy 

“We recently finished the Twinkle Stars training course with our 19 week old yellow Labrador Indiana (Indy)and would like to thank the trainers for such an enjoyable and informative course. The trainers enthusiasm and knowledge was a real benefit to understanding the initial approach to training.

“Indy came on leaps and bounds (no pun intended) and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

“We are looking forward to the next level after the New Year.

“Thanks again, Jayne and Indy.”

Becky & Loki 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jo, Kayleigh and Nat. As a first time dog owner I had more questions then google could answer and I appreciate every time you responded to my emails Jo.

“Kayleigh’s home visit was a massive reassurance and really made me feel better about the way we had started training and looking after Loki at home.

“The class size was small enough that each puppy and owner got individual attention and could all learn at the same time. and when it came to showing what we had learned it was great to see everyone encouraging the other dogs and owners.

“We are both looking forward to moving into the next class.

Allan with Freya (April 2015):

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Twinkle Stars course and, of course, Freya did too!  I’d also like you to pass on my thanks to both Kayleigh and Nat for all their help and support.  The two ladies are very professional and their enthusiasm and genuine interest in both owners and dogs is very apparent.”

Karen with Jojo (Mar 2015):

“Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the puppy classes with Kayleigh. She’s been infinitely patient with all the dogs and especially with Jojo and her anxiety. She’s a good teacher and explains everything in plenty of details so that we all knew what was expected of us and our dogs. In my humble opinion, she has the makings of a really good teacher.”

Rachel with Denzel (Mar 2015):

“I would just like to say a big thank you to the team who run the foundation class, they have been brilliant and do a fantastic job in teaching us how to teach our dogs.”

Anne with Lacey (Jan 2015):

“Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the classes.  Everyone of you are so calm and welcoming and it’s a good atmosphere.  I’m delighted with how Lacey has come on after only three classes.  It gives me such a buzz to see her enjoying herself and growing in confidence.  The people who attend are all very nice too and it’s great to see people who are so dedicated to their dogs :-)”

Deb & Andrew with Bryan (Dec 2014):

“Just thought I would give you a update on how Bryan’s doing with is training and to thank you for for all the great advise you gave myself and Andrew it as really made a difference. Bryan as met my Brother dog Lucy on Saturday and it couldn’t have gone any better they were running around in the garden for about an hour and playing with a ball so that was wonderful I was so worried they would not get on but was so relieved. He is doing great with the sit and wait at the front door and I get the door completely open and he will not go until he is told to go, same with his meals and sits outside the kitchen.Andrew is working with the loose lead walking and his slowly getting better. But he is getting loads of exercise with his boomer ball which I got just this week he loves it.”

Bernie, Simon & Penny (March 2014):

“Hi Jo just to say thank you! to you and your team, for our first Agility class tonight with Penny she had a wonderful time. Myself and Simon are looking forward to our next class. See you next week Bernie Williams.”

Jeanette and Max (Feb 2014):

“So glad I found Jo, she’s really helped me with my twenty month old collie Max, as he used to nip me to the point of bruising my arms. I’ve learn’t how to settle Max and much more, so no more mouthing. Jo is so friendly and approachable nothing is too much trouble for her and her team that work with her are great. She has a great range of classes and we love going to them. I would definitely recommend Jo. Thanks”

Kathryn (Feb 2014):

“I had to write to say what amazing progress we’ve had with Cleo’s loose lead walking using the new technique you gave us on Tuesday. Even after 1 day the difference was clear but 48 hours after we stopped trying to give her treats and just stuck to what you said, well we just can’t believe it! She’s not the same puppy! I’m absolutely amazed. I knew whatever you told us to do would work but we just can’t believe it’s worked so quickly! Thanks a million Jo!!xx”

Graeme (Dec 2013):

“In July 2013 my wife and I took our puppy Digby to a Puppy Party hosted at our local Vets in Wigan. It was there that we first met the wonderful Jo Pay whose knowledge and love for all things furry and four – legged instantly put us at ease. Jo’s advice was invaluable to us who had never been responsible for something so wonderful as our Digby before.

“Like any member of your family you want the best for your puppy and you cannot get better than Jo. From the very first Twinkle Stars class, to his graduation from Super Stars we have had incredible support from Jo and her great team.

“Digby’s continued progression makes us very proud and we couldn’t have achieved this without Jo. We are already planning his continued development with Jo’s extensive range of classes.

“Importantly there is no-one more excited than Digby on a Saturday morning when it’s time for his classes.  He loves socialising with the other dogs and he gets lots of play and attention from Jo’s team.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Standish Dog Trainer – there really isn’t anyone better.

“Graeme, Wendy and Digby Rawlings”

Jo (Oct 2013):

“Once again thank you for all your help Ailsa and I go walking with a smiley lead twice a day every day.”

Craig (Sept 2013):

“Dog training made simple!!!

“I was hesitant taking the baby of the family to training classes, whilst happy with Ollie the way he is, our thought was to attend classes so Ollie had the ability to learn and understand, socialisation also lacked to human only contact with Ollie – on finding Jo’s website I become eager to attend and so glad I did!

“First session and I’m so pleased with the further connection I was able to make with Ollie using a language both Ollie and I could understand.

“We’ve had Ollie 4 months, we’ve tried for so long at home to try make him sit, stand, etc – Jo and her team put us to shame in the first 10 mins of being there.

“Very much looking forward to attending next class and will surely be attending a lot more in the future.

“I feel shameful thinking Ollie didn’t need training classes now… It’s done him to the world of good attending!”

Ali (May 2013):

“I was looking for training classes in my area for socialisation of my rescue Rottweiler puppy & came across Jo’s web site. I knew that being a VSPDT trainer the classes would only include positive reinforcement & on that basis signed up! Jo made the classes fun for both my dog & myself, the training instructions were very clear & easy to follow. Jo is always available to answer questions outside of classes as well as during & is very helpful .Missie & I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions & were sad when the course ended but are looking forward to KC Rally sessions with Jo in the near future! I would & do recommend Jo as a trainer to anyone!”

Dean (May 2013):

“Excellent service from start to finish of my puppy’s 6 week training course.  Fantastic use of positive training techniques, easily understandable for someone new to owning a puppy.  Could not fault any form of communication with Jo, she seems to have time for you whenever you contact her. Highly recommended!”

Jenny (May 2013):

“We attended your twinkle stars class this morning with little Sookie, both trainers were lovely and Sookie finally found the courage to play with the other dogs (yey)”

Kayleigh (Mar 2013):

“Della (Border Collie) and I have been clients of Jo’s for a few months now attending Agility classes. Della adores Jo and thoroughly enjoys her classes! I have a lot of respect for Jo and her team, they really are dedicated and all the dogs (and owners) have fun whilst they learn.  I highly recommend Jo; she is very professional, knows her stuff and does it all with a smile!”

David & Gillian (Feb 2013):

“We were really at our wits end regarding our Sheltie dog Riley.He was OK pottying outside during the day but during the night he just kept leaving little presents for us to find the following morning and it was really wearing a bit thin having to clear it up.After contacting Jo she suggested no feed after 5pm then a walk around the block at night then out in the garden for 10 mins then finally putting him a crate/cage for the night and switching the light off in the kitchen.This has miraculously worked a treat as since we tried it we have had no problems and up to now have had 5 clean nights continuously.We really can’t thank Jo enough for her advice and would highly recommend her.

“PS Riley is a 4 month old Shetland Sheepdog.”

John & Anne (Nov 2012):

“Jo had a very positive attitude and was very good handling our dog during the session. She helped me to reinforce points that we were already doing. Jo keeps in contact with us on a  regular basis , to check Georgie’s progress and only this week she as asked me if I need any further help which we both find very reassuring.”

Gwen (Sept 2012):

“Jo is very professional puts you at ease and your dog(s) they all love her.  I was extremely worried about the puppy I had purchased thinking he may have to go back to the breeder that he wouldn’t fit in with my other dogs, now he is lovely I am so glad that I found Jo, I have already recommended her to people I have met who have problems with their dogs.”

Stacey, Guy, Ryan, Charlotte & Ruddy (Jul 2012):

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past few months with Ruddy! After plenty of ups & downs, laughs & tears Ruddy is proving to be a valued member of the family. We couldn’t have done it without your expert help. Thank you again, can’t wait to see you again for agility training!”

Steve, Adlington (March 2011):

“A very good course.”

Gillian & Ron, Cheshire (Feb 2011):

“Jo is a very knowledgeable & professional trainer – she has helped us tremendously with our Cairn terrier. She even advised us about his food, which we have actioned – not only that, we passed on her advise to a friend with a dog who was suffering fits – they also changed his food & their dog hasn’t had a fit since.”

Sara, Whittle – le – Woods (Feb 2011):

“I can’t recommend Jo highly enough. We started out with 2 dogs and despite immense effort from Jo and us, their behavioural issues meant that we were unable to keep them. When we brought another dog into our family we still had some difficulties but Jo supported us both inside the class and out. She trained us in the right techniques so that we could train our dog. She was always at the end of the phone for advice (and I rang an awful lot!), and also via email. Jo clearly is an expert in her field……this has come to fruition today when, finally, our dog seems to have turned a corner. We do not, in any way, underestimate how much this is as a direct result of Jo’s help and support.”

Stacy, Adlington (Jan 2011):

“My trainer Jo Pay was wonderful! She explained everything i needed to know about my puppy’s behaviour, she was very friendly and extremely helpful…our home life is a much calmer and happier place since we started using the positively training. Many thanks!!”

Cairi & Yvonne, Southport (Dec 2010):

“Jo was very effective from the minute she came into contact with the dogs in that she demonstrated from the start how to positively enter the dogs space. She demonstrated during the training the watch me and explained clearly the settle training. Handouts were very useful and since the training we have been encouraged to keep in touch with Jo which is very reassuring.”

Jackie with Reg Irish Terrier (March 2009):

“My recall worked perfect first time, I could have cried I was so proud of him! Thank you for all your help!

“He has been brill and last sat I took him to the local woods with a friend (and her basset) and let him off the lead for 2 hours with other dogs (woo hoo I hear ya cry!). The best bit is…my recall worked perfect first time-he just looked at me and came running, I could have cried I was so proud of him! Other doggie people asked how I had taught him that at 10 months…so be warned I’ve told tons of people about you!

“Please, again let me know if you ever do an advance class, Reg really loved coming, he is fab on the lead, even Wayne the hubby has said how good he is over the fields etc.

“So again thank you for all your help!!”

Beth, Phil and Indi.T.Dog with Husky x Retriever (March 2009):

“I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the last six weeks despite looking like I was asleep most of the time! Beth says this is the third time she has been to dog training (not with me I hasten to add) and this by far was the best one – she was dreading another round of cramped village halls full of badly behaved doggies and even worse behaved humans – so it was a big relief on that first Saturday morning to find that fun was the order of the day, and that the humans were taught to actually care for their doggie friends rather than just make them walk to heel, the Doggy Oil Change session was particularly handy and would have come in very useful with my predecessor apparently who bit anyone with a brush! And Phil – as a first time dog owner – says he feels a lot more confident in teaching me stuff and has realised that I am not as bad at things as he thought I was – so thanks for that!”

Eleanor & Archie Mini Schnauzer (March 2009):

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Archie and me.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Archie and me. I think Archie had it all the time – it was me needing a framework to work to. He’s coming on a treat. We’ve just had a fab weekend away walking in the Dales. Archie was very well behaved in the hotel – to the point that the owner commended us when we left! How proud am I? Thanks!”

Tony & Denise with Rough Collie Finlay (May 2008):

“Problem Pooch to Show Stunner in just 5 weeks!!

“We are the proud owners of a 2 year old Rough Collie who, due to the fact that he had been twice attacked by another dog whilst out for a walk, naturally developed a distrust of others dogs, which meant he “warned them off” whenever he saw them. Whilst this was tolerable for a pet, for a dog that we wanted to put in the show ring it was a nightmare.

“Just 5 weeks after meeting Jo, having followed her advice and attended her Saturday morning class, we took him to his first show.

“The result was unbelievable. He was not only well behaved, but won every one of the four classes that he was entered into, and qualified for Crufts to boot! An unprecedented performance. Only once before had the judge awarded four first places to the same dog, and that was back in 1985!

“We were stunned and can’t thank Jo enough for her advice and their patient, reward based approach.”

Bella the Boxer (May 2008):

“Hi Jo, I would like to thank you for teaching my owners how to look after me, I have been with them just 3 months now (As I am only 5 months old). To be honest when they first got me they did not have a clue but with your help we have sorted them out. They learned that if they blow a whistle I will run to them and they give me a really good treat (how good is that) and if I save my Ps & poos til the morning and do it outside they give me another treat. So Thank You for all the help you have given them from Bella Boxer.”

Phil with Sidney Jack Russell Terrier (May 2008):

“Thank you for everything. You have transformed Sid, he’s a totally different dog. Your classes are brilliant!”

Lennie with Sue & Marion (October 2007):

“Just a quick message to let you know that we can now hoover, brush and mop! Thanks for your help.

“Lennie picked all of this up very quickly. He will sit and tolerate being brushed, as long as biscuits are in evidence. He now looks tidy before he shakes again and looks like a little urchin.”

Patricia with Annie Border Collie & Gracie Springer (October 2007):

“Jo was friendly and reassuring to both dogs and owners! Jo obviously knows her stuff and her input has already made a big difference. We would highly recommend her and thank her for her help.

“Jo was flexible with arranging visits. She assessed the individual needs of two very different rescue dogs. She offered solutions and ways of working that were practical and gave us confidence in dealing with long term problems. She was non-judgemental with us and non-threatening towards the dogs.”

Angela with Trixie Border X Patterdale (October 2007):

“Jo helped us after our vet told us we needed to have our dog put down because of her extremely aggressive and uncontrollable nature. Jo’s teaching was first class and I can’t thank her enough for her help and guidance. I’m certain that without this, Trixie would not be with us today.

“After a few one to one sessions, Trixie’s behaviour turned around dramatically. As with all problem dogs, we were part of the problem, and by altering our behaviour, hers altered too. After these one to one sessions, she was finally ready to go to Jo’s group classes, which we’d previously tried to attend but Trixie was so aggressive we felt it was unfair on the other people and dogs so left. This time though she was like a new dog, she say quietly and played with the other dogs nicely. She was even allowed off the lead, which in the first lot of classes would have been too dangerous. We still have to be careful with her, and she is by no means perfect, but we can now manage her behaviour.”

Martin & Labrador Mollie:

“Jo is clearly very knowledgeable regarding training methods and is extremely enthusiastic and committed. We would not hesitate to recommend Standish Dog Trainer to any dog owner.

“My dog Mollie, was very nervous and timid in unfamiliar company but after only a couple of sessions she was visibly growing in confidence and in her ability to complete the tasks required. Classes were well organised and had clear objectives. Very quickly Jo was able to become familiar with each animal and showed genuine affection and interest in them.”

Becky & Cocker Spaniel Albus:

“I thought you would like to know how much we enjoyed the time spent in your classes, keep up the good work.

“I did not get a chance to thank you for all you have done over the last 12 weeks. You do a job where you praise the dogs, but never you! You have had to suffer my spoiled brat and never grimaced once! So I though you would like to know how much we enjoyed the time spent in your classes!”

Mark, Elaine, Josh & Zephyr Bull Terrier:

“Just a quick note to say thanks for your help in training our English Bull Terrier. We have seen a definite improvement in his overall obedience. The training has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

“The use of your positive reinforcement training is probably the only thing that would have worked on him. We are more comfortable walking on his lead, his recall training has worked. He will also “sit” and “down” on command. We look forward to joining the next class and introducing Zephyr to more doggy friends.”

Janet & Hector King Charles Cavalier Spaniel:

“Where has my noisy, yapping, pulling on the lead dog gone? He is a changed boy already. Thanks ever so much – really pleased. God Bless you Joanne – you are a saint!”