Got A Puppy? Stop Here

Ralf2Getting a new puppy is a really exciting time for every family and there is lots to think about. We at Standish Dog Trainer are all very experienced in new puppy ownership, Jo and her team have been helping families settle new puppies into their homes for over 15 years!

Before you get your puppy
We can help you before you get your puppy, advising you on what breed of dog is most appropriate for your family and lifestyle. We can also give you tips on what you really need to buy for your new family member, helping you avoid unnecessary, expensive gimmicks. Let us help you put that shopping list together!

Puppy Packages
We’d recommend you book these visits for as soon as possible after getting your puppy so you can get on the right track straight away.

Premium Puppy Package: 
The Premium Puppy Package consists of :
45 min Zoom Session  on housetraining, bedtimes, mouthing, chewing and settle training.
30 min Zoom Session on how to use a clicker, teaching some foundation obedience skills with your own puppy, while Jo demos’ and coaches you.
45 min Zoon Session on how to start lead walking together, and covering puppy recall skills, you will train your puppy with Jo demonstrating and coaching you.
45 min, in-person social walk (social distance rules apply during lockdown)
Costing £135

Puppy Bitesize:
Puppy Bitesize are short, online consultations, designed to give new puppy owners quick and simple solutions to the issues that surround bringing a new puppy into the home.
It may be your first puppy, it may be you are introducing a new puppy to your existing dog.
These 30 minutes online consultations cost £25 and will bring management and training together to make life with a new puppy easier for you.
Topics commonly covered in these sessions include:

Housetraining Springer
Crying at night
Crate Training
Being left alone during the day
Mouthing / Biting
Calm behaviour around your mealtime / TV time / time with your children
Safe fun and harmony between your children and your new puppy
Socialisation during Covid-19
Preparing for going back to work after Covid-19

These Bitesize sessions are run using Zoom conferencing and are payable at the time of booking.

To book your training , please email Jo.