New Puppy Package

Ralf2Getting a new puppy is a really exciting time for every family and there is lots to think about. We at Standish Dog Trainer are all very experienced in new puppy ownership, Jo and her team have been helping families settle new puppies into their homes for over 10 years!

We can help you before you get your puppy, advising you on what breed of dog is most appropriate for your family and lifestyle. We can also give you tips on what you really need to buy for your new family member, helping you avoid unnecessary, expensive gimmicks. Let us help you put that shopping list together!

Our Puppy Package is a service that people find really useful. This is a service that consists of two home visits. In these sessions we will cover house-training, crate training, feeding routines, getting your puppy to sleep through the night, how to start safe socialisation, body checking and grooming, chewing, mouthing, playing, getting used to leads and collars, settling, the name game and puppy recall. All of these will prepare you and your puppy for the big wide world, once they are fully vaccinated and ready to go outside for walkies!

We’d recommend you book these visits for as soon as possible after getting your puppy so you can get on the right track straight away.

Premium Puppy Package: 
The Premium Puppy Package consists of :
45 min Zoom Session  on housetraining, bedtimes, mouthing, chewing and settle training.
30 min Zoom Session on how to use a clicker, teaching some foundation skills with your own puppy, while Jo demos’ and coaches you.
30 min Zoon Session on how to start lead walking together, with your puppy and Jo demonstrating and coaching.
45 min, in-person social walk (social distance rules apply during lockdown)
Costing £120

Puppy Bitesize: 
If you need a speedy solution, this could be for you. A 30 minute online session costing Just £25 is my Puppy Bitesize.

Standard Puppy Package:

Sorry, Standard Package unavailable during lockdown.

The Standard Puppy Package consists of 2 one hour visits to your home. In this package we look at house-training, bed time routines, feeding routines, how to settle your puppy,  dealing with mouthing and inappropriate chewing, first basic training behaviours, walking together and puppy recall.


To book your Puppy Package, please email Jo.