Support Packages

Training your dog can be challenging. During the training process you may like a reminder of what to do next, you might like to recap information, you may feel exasperated, need a bit of moral support, want to ask questions or share video of your training to get some feedback and coaching.
This is what my support packages are for.

How do they work?
Support packages are for clients who are going through 1-2-1 training of their dog with Jo.
Support is provided via email.
You can send your questions and videos by email. One video per email.
The questions and video will be about the training covered in your 1-2-1 consultation, not on new topics.
Videos may be 10 mins in length (or less), please save these to YouTube as unlisted and send the link to me via email.
You can send your email at any time. My working days are Monday to Friday. I will respond to you within two working days.
Emails sent over a weekend will be classed as landing on a Monday.

The support sessions are valid for 1 calendar month after your training session.  After that time has passed you will need to book an additional 1-2-1 session to discuss progress and provide additional support.

 Support sessions purchased are not transferable or refundable.

What do they cost?

3 Support Sessions: £28
5 Support Sessions: £45

Additional support sessions may be purchased at any time.
To book your support package, email