Puppy Bitesize

Puppy Bitesize are short, online consultations, designed to give new puppy owners quick Ralf2and simple solutions to the issues that surround bringing a new puppy into the home.

It may be your first puppy, it may be you are introducing a new puppy to your existing dog.

These 30 minutes online consultations cost £25 and will bring management and training together to make life with a new puppy easier for you.

Topics commonly covered in these sessions include:

Crying at night
Crate Training
Being left alone during the day
Mouthing / Biting
Calm behaviour around your mealtime / TV time / time with your children
Safe fun and harmony between your children and your new puppy
Socialisation during Covid-19
Preparing for going back to work after Covid-19

These Bitesize sessions are run using Zoom conferencing and are payable at the time of booking.
To make a booking you can email jo@standishdogtrainer.co.uk or contact me using Face Book messenger.