Online Rally Obedience Classes

I am really pleased to offer Kennel Club Rally Obedience classes, that you can join from the safety of your own home.

Rally is a great way to enrich your dog’s day, it is beneficial for your dog’s focus on you, it improves their concentration, encourages a strong bond between you; it increases their body awareness, enhances your loose lead walking, and is a great way to tire them out!

All you need is your dog, lots of tiny treats, a clicker if you use one, and an item to use as your station position marker.
(this could be a plant pot / stool / large vase / wellie, it doesn’t have to be something special just for Rally!)

Online classes will be delivered via Zoom; a FREE, easy to use, video conferencing tool that you can access on your desktop/laptop, or by downloading the app on your tablet or phone. No login needed!

Step 1. Book and pay for class (note: no PayPal account needed, just checkout as guest)
Step 2. You will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the class.
Step 3. Get yourself ready for class and click the link to enter.
Step 4. You will be added to a waiting room.
Step 5. I will bring everyone in from the waiting room and we will train together!


If you have done KC Rally before, and want to work on station practise, the advanced class is for you…


If you are new to KC Rally or have only done a little bit of Rally training, the absolute beginners class is for you…


If you want to, you can download the station signs for Rally from either of these two websites:
The Kennel Club
Rally News
You won’t need the signs for the lessons, as I have them and you will be able to see them during the lesson. I share photos of what we have covered in class on social media, so you can see them there. I also record the lesson, so you can be sent a link to each lesson, should you want to go through the lesson to practise throughout the week.
If you can’t make the live lesson, recordings will be available to purchase for £3, so you can train in your own time. To purchase a recording, please drop me an email or message to the Face Book page.

If you have any questions, drop me an email!

Jo & Indie