Dogs With Problems

Some dogs have problems that require more specialist behavioural modification work. Their training requires a greater understanding of how dogs learn, insight into potential problems, patience, good timing, being able to set realistic targets and  being  flexible in your approach to training.

Issues that we work with in our behavioural modification consultations include Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Lack of Socialisation, Traffic Reactivity & Car Travel Issues and Reactivity or Aggressive Behaviour.  Please note that we do not work with dogs that have a bite history.

All dogs working with us on Behaviour Modification training must have a full veterinary health check and referral from a vet before we start training. Any sudden or serious behaviour changes in your dog may be caused by an underlying health issue; if this is the case, no amount of training will help. Please download our veterinary referral form and take it to your vet or you can use our vet at Vets4Pets in Wigan.

Veterinary Referral Form

Reactive Dogs

We describe dogs that are fearful as reactive, this description also applies to dogs that may bark, growl, lunge, try to escape from other dogs or people, or any other trigger in their environment as reactive.

Reactive behaviour takes a significant amount of time to change, there is no quick fix, so these dogs will need a number of 1-2-1 training sessions over a period of months and we will be asking for a large time and patience commitment from you as an owner; changing they way you view your dogs world, exercise routine and what they can or can’t cope with is essential from the outset. Each dog is an individual and your training programme will be tailor made for you.

If you feel you and your dog would benefit from this package, please contact Jo for more information.

Behavioural Issues

Other behavioural issues that we will work with are Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Traffic and Car Travel Issues and  Lack of Socialisation.

We will work through practical training skills, environmental management, counter conditioning, habituation and desensitisation with you. You will have handouts to keep and email support following your visits.

These issues will most likely require 2 – 5 visits over a period of months.


Premium Package:
5 hours of training broken down into, a 2 hour assessment and training visit, followed by two separate visits of 90 minutes each covering training, counter conditioning and desensitisation, costing £375.00

Standard Package:

3.5 hours of training broken down into a 2 hour assessment (as above), followed by one follow up visit of 90 mins, costing £262.50

Hourly top-up visits if and when required cost £75.

Package dates are flexible, but all visits must be carried out within a 6 month period. Failure to do so, will require a further assessment appointment (£150) before training can continue.
Full payment must be made in advance and is not refundable once your initial assessment visit has taken place.

To book an appointment contact Jo.